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A Message from Our Veterans

Posted by Team Hassett on 11/11/23 12:46 PM

November 11th was originally Armistice Day to mark the date that the First World War ended in 1918. It is now called Veterans Day to honor and thank the men and women who have served in the US military in times of war and peace. They are the heroes who have sacrificed their lives, their health, their families, and their freedom for the sake of our nation and its values. They are the ones who have defended our democracy, our liberty, and our security against all threats and enemies. They are the ones who have shown us what courage, loyalty, and patriotism mean.

On this day, we remember and celebrate their achievements, their contributions, and their legacy. We also acknowledge and appreciate their challenges, struggles and needs. We recognize that they deserve our respect, gratitude, and support. We pledge to honor them on this day and every day by providing them with the care, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive in their civilian lives.

We also pay tribute to the families of the veterans who have shared their burdens and supported their missions. They are the unsung heroes who have endured hardships, worries, and losses during military service. They are the ones who have kept the home front solid and stable. They are the ones who have given us hope and inspiration.

A democracy needs the involvement of the citizens. The best way to thank a Vet for defending your freedom is to do something most people in the world can't do -- vote.

This day should remind us to honor our Veterans and love our country's freedom by being responsible, compassionate, and patriotic citizens.

Dennis Cartwright
Sergeant, USAF (Retired)

Tom Surlak
Major, USAF (Retired)


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