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Committed to Safety

Posted by Dennis Cartwright on 3/31/21 10:15 AM

Safety and service reliability has been a top area of focus for our team for many decades supporting customer requirements through both in-house strategies including driver dispatch and field operations extending outward through external service support and load execution partners.  

Our company history is rich with stories of success and challenges dating back to the founding days in the 1930s, through the 1980s when our service offerings reached and tapped into new modes of transportation, to today’s more recent accomplishments meeting customer demands for flexibility, technology integrations, and business growth and continuity support through knowledgeable customer business teams.

Through the changing times, one principle company philosophy and mission denominator have remained shutterstock_172578212constant and unchanged, however. That is our focus on - SAFETY FIRST. While our commitment to safety extends through several modes of transportation including Air Cargo Security, I’ll focus today’s comments on road safety as an addition to our safety series of blogs. Granted, there are many ways to promote the safety of civilians while executing services using our vast system of public roads and highways. We have found success promoting and supporting efforts of safety through key components such as incentivizing professional drivers through Safety Bonus programs, utilizing experienced dispatchers, maintaining a fleet of reliable commercial trucks and equipment, expert compliance management, and proper review and scrutiny of products planned for transport. We believe all these factors are key components of safety.

In an article published by ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel), “The global epidemic of road crash fatalities and disabilities is gradually being recognized as a major public health concern”. As it relates to the U.S, the article highlights some notable facts:

  • More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways. The U.S. traffic fatality rate is 12.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • An additional 4.4 million are injured seriously enough to require medical attention.
  • Road crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for people aged 1-54.
  • Road crashes cost the U.S. more than $380 million in direct medical costs.
  • The U.S. suffers the most road crash deaths of any high-income country, about 50% higher than similar countries in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

*Source -

Ongoing statistical data such as this and other similar sources continue to emphasize the importance of safety and effective compliance-related programs. Transportation service organizations must be committed to public safety and the continued safe transport of products and goods throughout our nation. At Hassett, our professional drivers, dispatchers, and operations team keeps safety in keen focus which has resulted in millions of miles of safe transport and road use for many decades while servicing our clients. We will continue our commitment to safety and do thank our team of professionals for being dedicated to our safety efforts and programs.

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