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National Logistics Day: History of the Logistics Industry

Posted by Hassett Logistics Team on 6/29/21 7:15 AM

At Hassett Logistics, we were honored to celebrate National Logistics Day on June 28th. National Logistics Day is a great way to recognize the vital role logistics companies and their team members play in the Supply Chain. Moving through the pandemic, logistics awareness and the importance of transporting personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, vaccines, and critical medical personal cannot be understated. We have been honored to play a role in supplying the necessary equipment to teams around the globe during this time and recognize all the companies that have been going above and beyond.

In honor of National Logistics Day, here are some fun facts about the industry and its unique history:

  • The term ‘logistics’ was initially coined as a military term to describe how military personnel moved, stored, and obtained supplies and equipment.
  • Today, ‘logistics’ is widely used in the business sector, especially by businesses operating in the manufacturing industry. Logistics is now used to reference how resources are moved and handled in the supply chain.
  • In 1910, the first-ever air cargo flight happened between Columbus and Dayton. This flight and mode of transportation in the logistics industry increased the speed at which products could be delivered within the United States.
  • The first container ship also occurred across America, sailing to Texas from the port of New Jersey in 1956. This container ship changed how products would move globally forever. And, this is how logistics started.
  • Logistics accounts for nearly 11% of everything we make and sell in the United States. That includes packaging, warehousing, shipping, and more.
  • More than 550 million people are employed worldwide in the field of logistics!

What sets Hassett apart from the rest is our dedicated teams' passion, which strives to move our customers' shipments on time, every time.  We take personal responsibility working around the clock to monitor movement every step of the logistics way, across the country or worldwide. #TeamHassett utilizes various ground and air transportation logistics modes and combines them with a network of professional, knowledgeable agents to transport and deliver your cargo according to your schedule.

Here is some feedback from our customers that validates our total commitment towards your success:

“I don’t how they do it, but they find a way with more competitive prices and great service as well.”

“I have learned over time that it is great to sleep at night because you have a team behind you that will get the job done.”

“Because of their airline relationships – they can find a way to get it done more than a less well-connected freight forwarder."


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