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Meet the VP, Rosemary Giovannelli

Rosemary is the Vice President of Administration and has worked with Hassett since 1994.

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Meet the VP, Traci Richard

Traci is the Vice President of Technology & Strategic Planning and has been with Hassett for a little over three years.

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Meet the VP, Matt Sherman

Matt has been with Hassett for a total of 32 years between two stints. He started as a driver and warehouse helper...

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Hassett Named the 2020 Southwest Cargo Logistics Partner of the Year

Hassett Logistics has been named the 2020 Southwest Cargo Logistics Partner of the Year. The annual award is given by...

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Committed to Safety

Safety and service reliability has been a top area of focus for our team for many decades supporting customer...

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Safe Driving is a Team Effort

Safety and compliance play a major role at Hassett Logistics.In the U.S. there are approximately 5 million trucks on...

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Hassett Logistics: Safety First

Hassett Logistics provides a culture devoted to a safe and healthy environment for our team. Whether in the office,...

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Advancing Women's Leadership: Good for Business

March is National Women’s History Month. Its origins trace back to March 8, 1857, when women factory workers in NYC...

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How to Select the Right Logistics Partner

Choosing the right logistics partner is essential to your business. It’s important to find a provider who aligns with...

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Logistics and a Digital Supply Chain

This is the 3rd blog in our Leadership Series. If you'd like to view the entire blog series, you can click here.


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